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Mio-Peristim with 2 independent channels is supplied with a vaginal probe, a medical device for electrotherapy capable of generating TENS / NEMS / FES type currents, designed with specific applications for the treatment of incontinence. Electrostimulator able to stimulate the wall of the pelvic muscles, responsible for bladder control, toning and strengthening them. Increases muscle control and decreases bladder irritability.
Tens therapy (Transcutaneous nerve electrostimulation) is based on the application of appropriate variable currents that can produce muscle contractions, in which the intensity must be adjusted between the threshold of perception and pain, considering as the maximum limit the moment in which the muscle begins to contract. Applied by means of electrodes directly on the affected muscle which, repeated over time with not too demanding sessions, allow a recovery of the patient's muscle tone. The tens impulses are able to significantly reduce, and in some cases eliminate, the sensation of pain caused by various muscle and tendon pathologies. Mio-Peristim electrotherapy deviceit is suitable for the treatment of urinary incontinence problems in women, fixing from 2/5 days of weekly sessions depending on the chosen program, through the application of appropriate currents with specific waveforms of appropriate frequency and amplitude, in these specific cases we can use the vaginal probe to transmit impulses in the pelvic muscles causing them to contract and recover their tone.

The electrostimulator allows you to work on frequencies between 1-200 Hz, with variable amplitude from 20 to 450µs available on each channel, it is compact with a backlit digital display, suitable for users but also for professionals and expert users, it has 86 programs pre- installed:
14 TENS PROGRAMS Rapid tens, endorphinic tens, tens at maximum values, anti-inflammatory, neck pain / myotensive headache, lumbago / sciatica, sprains / bruises, vascularization, decontracting, hand and wrist pain, plantar stimulation, epicondylitis, epiarthrocleitis.
27 REHA PROGRAMSinophoresis L, iontophoresis M, iontophoresis H, microcurrent, hematoma, edema, sequential tension, tension burst, prevention of atrophy, atrophy, denervated square 50 ms, denervated square 100 ms, denervated 150 ms, denervated 200 ms, denervated 250 ms, denervated triangular 50 ms, denervated triangular 100 ms, denervated 150 ms, denervated 200 ms, denervated 250 ms, interferential, tens with amplitude modulation, alternating tens, tens with frequency modulation, tens with frequency modulation, tens with amplitude modulation, kotz .
21 NEMS PROGRAMSwarm-up, upper limb and trunk strength, lower limb strength, upper limb and trunk strength, lower limb strength, upper limb and trunk base strength, lower limb base strength, upper limb and trunk fast strength, lower limb fast strength, explosive strength upper limbs and trunk, lower limbs explosive force, deep capillarization, muscle recovery, agonist-antagonist, sequential tonic contractions upper limbs and trunk, sequential tonic contractions lower limbs, sequential phasic contractions upper limbs and trunk, sequential phasic contractions lower limbs, decontracting, deep massage, EMS.
15 BEAUTY PROGRAMSupper limbs and trunk firming, lower limbs firming, upper limbs and trunk toning, upper limbs and trunk definition, lower limbs definition, modeling, microlifting, abdomen lipolysis, thigh lipolysis, buttock and hip lipolysis, arm lipolysis, tissue elasticity, capillarization, heaviness in the legs.
9 INCONTINENT PROGRAMS Stress incontinence, stress incontinence, stress incontinence, stress incontinence, urge incontinence, urge incontinence, urge incontinence, mixed incontinence, mixed incontinence, mixed incontinence.


Conventional Tens (fast) Stress urinary and fecal incontinence 1 TENS mem 1
Endorphinic Tens (delayed) Stress urinary incontinence 2 TENS mem 2
Tens ai valori massimi Incontinenza urinaria da stress 3 TENS mem 3
Antinfiammatorio Incontinenza urinaria da urgenza e fecale 1 TENS mem 4
Cervicalgia/cefalea miotensiva Incontinenza urinaria da urgenza 2 TENS mem 5
Lombalgia/sciatalgia Incontinenza urinaria da urgenza 3 NEMS mem 1
Distorsioni/contusioni Incontinenza urinaria mista e fecale 1 NEMS mem 2
Vascolarizzazione Incontinenza urinaria mista 2 NEMS mem 3
Decontratturante Incontinenza urinaria mista 3 NEMS mem 4
Dolori mano e polso NEMS mem 5
Stimolazione plantare TENS alternato su 2 canali
Epicondilite NEMS alternato su 2 canali
Epitrocleite Test batteria

Caratteristiche tecniche

  • Elettroterapia a 2 canali indipendenti con possibilità di collegare fino a 8 elettrodi
  • Generatore di onda quadra bifasica e compensata: la quantità di corrente che corre dal polo positivo al negativo è uguale e costante, si evita così il pericoloso effetto termico di polarizzazione possibile con uno stimolatore ad onda non compensata.
  • 9 programmi INCONTINENZA (urinaria e fecale)
  • 14 programmi TENS
  • 13 memorie libere TENS-NEMS
  • Tastiera semplice con comandi semplici e intuitivi
  • Istruzioni sul programma in corso e tempo rimanente fornite direttamente sul display
  • Funzionamento con batteria interna ricaricabile (estraibile)
  • Display retroilluminato
  • Intensità massima 200 mApp


    • Elettroterapia TENS/NEMS/FES con display grafico
    • 2 cavi di connessione elettrodi con 4 derivazioni (totale 8 elettrodi collegabili)
    • Elettrodi adesivi pregellati
    • Batteria interna ricaricabile NI-Mh con nuova tecnologia LL (long-lasting) a bassa autoscarica
    • Caricabatteria
    • Belt clip
    • User manual and electrode positions manual
    • Carrying bag

    Weight: 220 gr including battery
    Dimensions of the device: mm. 260x176x60

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