DEMARTA - Sollevatore elettrico a leva portata 180kg SL2

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Equipped with lever base spreading and removable battery with harness with universal headboard

General features

- Painted steel frame

- Removable control unit placed on the supporting column

- Lifting by electric motor

- Ability to lift patients from the ground

- Removable internal battery

- Possibility to charge it in 3 different ways (on board, with wall charger and with charger 2.0)

- Column tube with carrying handle

- Slingbar with 4 attachments for anti-slip harness

- 360 ° rotation of the slingbar at the point of maximum lifting

- Basic spreading by lever

- Base with 4 twin wheels, 2 of which at the rear with holding brake

- Three base opening adjustments

- RED MUSHROOM emergency button that blocks the flow of electricity

- Mechanical emergency lowering system in case of power failure and an additional electronic emergency lowering system in case of remote control malfunction

- Soft rubber protections in the exposed points

- Maximum capacity 180 Kg


- External charger 2.0 cordless type

Features lifter

- Width 60 cm

- Length 122 cm

- Minimum height at the bar 63 cm

- Maximum height at the bar 164 cm

- Base height 10 cm

- Base width from 50 cm (closed) to 91 cm (spread)

- Front wheels diameter 7.5 cm (3 ")

- Rear wheels diameter 10 cm (4 ")

- Weight 38 kg

- Capacity 180 Kg

Harness features

Universal with knitted headboard, it is associated with a lift for handling patients.

Its design allows the transfer of the patient from sitting to lying and vice versa.

To ensure maximum safety, the harnesses should be replaced every 3 years.

Capacity 200 Kg

Lifter Technical Sheet Lifter Technical Sheet Certified Harness

Harness Certificate Lifter Certificate 2

Harness Certificate 2

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